Our Team

Every project at Hub City Design comes together by utilizing the knowledge of our team. While the business is based in Hattiesburg, MS, our team of professionals work together across the nation and sometimes around the world.

Nate is the primary designer and Jaime works on content and keeps things running smoothly in the office. There are many other areas that need attention on most projects so we have recruited a team of professionals and resources around the country to help make every project come together.  

From printing to hosting services, IT and certain aspects of coding, we employ others virtually to work with us on your project. 


  • Founder/Creative Director
  • Chief Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer


  • Account Manager
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Content Associate

Your Name?

  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Want To Join The Team?

If you are smart, incredibly talented, or just simply too clever for words, you may have a home at Hub City Design. We are always on the lookout for hardworking, passionate people to join our team. We are laid-back, friendly, and don't get too wrapped up in social constraints.

Who We're Looking For

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